Bram Stoker's Dracula

Dracula was written by Bram Stoker in the 19th century and was published in 1897.
Chapters 1-5 plot
The story of Dracula focuses on Jonathan Harker- a solicitor who is visiting Count Dracula's castle on some business about a house Dracula has purchased in London. Dracula lives in Transylvania, which means Harker needs to travel a great distance to reach him. When he arrives in Transylvania, the news of why he is there and who is he going to visit seems to be a great displeasure for the local people, who warn him against his journey and even give him a crucifix for protection. Harker wonders what all the fuss is about, as he writes in his journal. Dracula is a narrative told by the characters via journals and letters-an alternative way of telling a story.
Harker reaches the castle and is greeted by a man on a carriage, who he does not see fully. The ride is awful, as he encounters blood thirsty wolves and blue flames in the forest. When he finally reaches the castle and is greeted by Dracula, he is surprised to notice that he has no servants, taking notice of the vast size of the castle, he would expect a few servants at least but they are none.
Harker becomes somewhat friends with Dracula, as they stay up in the night and talk about London. Harker realises that he never sees Dracula in the day and begins to speculate, with many doors also locked he grows wary of his new found friend. Dracula begins to scare him by locking the front door so that Harker has no way out and informing him that he wishes Harker to remain in his company for another month. Harker begins to feel trapped and tries communicating via letters that he throws out a window to passersby for his wife, which are later returned to Dracula.
Harker's curiousity gets the better of him one night when he looks out of a window into Dracula's lair and sees him crawling down the wall- a remarkable feat for any man. He grows scared and uncertain of whether he will come out of the castle alive.
He encounters, one night, two women, whilst half asleep, who he lusts after, uncertain as to why this is so. He is sleeping out in the landing and watches through his half open eyes as one of the women approach him finally reaching his neck. He feels two sharp teeth on his neck but suddenly Dracula turns up, urging the women to be gone, as they will have their turn. Harker notices that Dracula is carrying a large bag, which leads to even more speculation with the conclusion of a child being in there. This is later confirmed by a woman turning up at the door and begging Harker for her son back. Dracula appears and sets the wolves on her, Harker can not see what happens but he spots the wolves running back out into the forest with blood on their faces. Harker is trapped and with no way out and a promise of Dracula's to the two women to have him after he is done with him.

Dracula- Dracula is a very manipulative character, as he is able to get Harker to stay at the castle for a month against his wishes. As of yet the readers do not know much about Dracula, except that he has the ability to walk down walls and has the greatest evil inside of him, shown when he motions the wolves forward to attack the mother. We are uncertain what has happened to the boy, although Harker sees a stuffed looking Dracula in a coffin with his eyes open, a smug expression on his face with blood around his mouth. At this stage we know there is a fascination with blood, due to the episode he has when he sees Harker has cut himself shaving.
He also has a kind of desire towards Harker, which will be explored or come to a conclusion in later chapters.

Jonathan Harker- Harker is a character who wants to please everyone, especially Dracula. He knows being in Dracula's bad books will be the ending of him so he tries to remain civil even through Dracula is keeping him hostage. He fears any confrontation with him and appears almost like a toy to the master of the house and his friends.
Harker is set up as a binary opposition to Dracula, as he is presented as a scared little man, who does not know how to protect himself or get out of the mess he is in.

Context and themes
The genre is horror and includes the themes of gothic, roles of women in the Victorian era, sexuality and folklore to name but a few.
 Vampire fiction and folklore was told during the early part of the 19th century but it is the tale of Count Dracula that most people remember. It is well known for creating a path for other vampire works to be published. It played on the fears of many people in the Victorian era, who feared such things as vampires and werewolves existed, although hearing about them in the form of a story was seen as an exciting way to face your fears without really facing them.
Dracula is known as the original vampire tale, without its story we wouldn't have the films or novels we do now from the Lost Boys to Twilight.