About Me

My name is Cally Beckley and I'm at Lampton School, studying for my A-levels. One of my A-levels is English Combined. I created this website in order for me to document my ideas and other aspects of the subject that will help me in the run up to exams.

About the course

Unit 1: Introduction to Language and Literature Study

This includes the study of an Anthology of spoken and written texts, which contain the three major literary genres and non-literary text.
Also studied is features of a writers' use of language and attitude towards a theme.
The exam
Written paper- 1hr 30 mins, 2 questions; one on unseen text related to themes , second on Anthology.
Worth 60% of total AS/ 30% of A level mark.

Unit 2: Themes in Language and Literature

This includes the study of major prose genres, including fiction and non-fiction.
Aim to to develop reading and writing skills from going in-depth of a writers' craft.
Also includes study of a paired text, which is The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson and Travels with a Donkey by Robert Louis Stevenson.
40% of total AS/ 20% of total A level marks.